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                                                                                                January 30, 2008

Dear Friend of Pressure:


The New Year is a good time for new beginnings.  The past year was a very good year at Flow Research, and it was also a good year for many companies involved in the instrumentation business.  As someone involved in the pressure transmitter business, this is an excellent time to assess your position in the market, and to formulate strategies for the upcoming year and beyond.


At Flow Research, we work with pressure transmitter suppliers to provide accurate data on the worldwide pressure transmitter market.  I am pleased to announce to you that we have recently completed a comprehensive study of this market.  The study is called The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, 2nd Edition, and it contains our most detailed picture yet of the worldwide pressure transmitter market.  This study is available for immediate shipment, both in PDF and hardcopy form, and it contains much data that is of vital interest to anyone involved in the pressure transmitter business.


How will this study benefit you?  The study provides includes the following data that is vital for anyone who wants to understand the pressure transmitter market:


·        Market size in dollars and units for pressure transmitters worldwide and by geographic region

·        Market shares for the leading suppliers of pressure transmitters worldwide and by geographic region

·        Forecasts in dollars and units of the pressure transmitter market through 2011

·        Industries and applications where pressure transmitters are used, and growth areas for this market

·        A product analysis for each of the main companies selling into the pressure transmitter market

·        Strategies for manufacturers who sell into the pressure transmitter market

·        Company profiles of the main pressure transmitter suppliers


Several results stand out from our research on this market.  One is that the worldwide pressure transmitter market has grown dramatically since our previous study was published in 2004.  The pressure transmitter market in 2006 exceeded $1.9 billion, and was projected to increase to exceed $2 billion in 2007.  There are multiple reasons for this growth, including increased investment in the energy markets, capital investment in developing countries, and the large installed base of pressure transmitters worldwide.


Another important factor in the growth of the pressure transmitter market is growth in the multivariable (mV) pressure transmitter market. This market has more than doubled in the past four years.  Multivariable pressure transmitters typically measure pressure, differential pressure, and temperature.  Many use these values to compute mass flow, while others output these values to a flow computer.  One reason for growth in the mV market is that several new suppliers have entered this market in the past five years, including ABB, Foxboro, and Yokogawa.


At the beginning of the pressure transmitter study, we asked suppliers what segmentation they would like to see in the results.  As a result, this study contains some important new segmentation that was not included in the 1st edition of this study.  For example, in this study we include the Middle East/Africa, China, and Latin America as individual geographic regions.  We also include shipments of pressure transmitters by sensing technology.  Please see the enclosed Overview for a more detailed account of the segmentation in this study.


In addition to the Pressure Study Overview, an order form for this study is enclosed.  I also encourage you to visit our website at www.worldpressure.com for more complete information about this study.  If you have any questions, would like to receive the Table of Contents, or are ready go ahead and order the study, please call us or send an email to jesse@flowresearch.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Best regards and Happy New Year,



Jesse Yoder, PhD

Flow Research, Inc.




P.S. If you order the pressure transmitter study by February 29, we will send you a free copy of our Worldflow White Paper “Walking the Tightrope of Oil Supply and Demand.”



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