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The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, 3rd Edition

A New Market Study from Flow Research
Q3 2011



Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users

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This page contains an overview of a new market study from Flow Research on the pressure transmitter market. The study will be available in Q2 2011. If you are interested in the study, please contact Jesse Yoder at Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200.

About the Study

Flow Research is conducting a new study on the worldwide pressure transmitter market called The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, 3rd Edition. The primary goal is to determine the size of the pressure transmitter market in 2010. Forecasts through 2015 will be included.

The study has multiple purposes:

To determine worldwide market size and market shares for pressure transmitters in 2010
To forecast market growth for all types of pressure transmitters through 2015
To identify industries and applications where pressure transmitters are used, and to identify growth areas
To provide a product analysis for the main companies selling into the pressure transmitter market
To provide strategies to manufacturers for selling into the pressure transmitter market
To provide company profiles of the main suppliers of pressure transmitters
To identify factors causing the market to grow

The study is divided into the following regions:

North America
Middle East and Africa
Asia without China and Japan
Latin America

The following is a partial list of the segmentation included in this study:

Transmitters by Fluid Type - Liquid, Steam, Gas
Transmitters by Type - MV, DP, Gage, Absolute
Transmitters by Mounting Type - Remote Seals, Manifolds, Primary Element Assemblies, No Mounting
Smart vs. Conventional
Transmitters by Communication Protocol
Transmitters by Sensing Technology
Transmitters by Industry, Application, Sales Channel

The study will conclude with a discussion of the market forces at work, strategic action perspectives, and how to form alliances to enhance product offerings.

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